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  • How to apply?

    There are 2 ways:
    1. Send your resume and teaching demo to recruiter@hitutor.com.tw and wait for our recruiter to process your application.

    2. Recommended - Click the Apply button and fill out the form to apply. (You can find the Apply button in CAREER → Job List page)

  • How long does it take to process my application?

    After submitting the online application form/ resume and your teaching demo, it takes 2~3 business days to process.
    The evaluation result will be sent via e-mail.

    The office hours for recruiters are Mon~Fri, 9am~6pm.

  • What should I prepare before applying?

    Please have your language/ teaching certificates, related document copies and teaching demo ready before submitting.

  • Can I re-apply?

    Of course. However, it is advised to re-apply a few months later.

    Depends on the reason for the rejection, you may re-apply when you meet the criteria.

  • When will I find out the result?

    After passing application screening and submitting your demo, you will receive the result via email within 2~3 business days.

  • Why did I fail the application screening?

    Many different factors are considered when we review your application, such as your previous experiences, if they related to teaching or other aspects, subjects of expertise, and so on. 

    If your application wasn't approved, it's not a reflection on your ability or knowledge; your skill sets are unfortunately not in line with our current needs.

  • Can I apply without any language certificates?

    For non-native speakers, you need to hold language certificates in order to teach these languages listed below:
    English, Japanese, Korean, German, French, and Spanish.

    For native speakers, no language certificates are required as long as you have teaching experience.

    To teach Mandarin, teaching certificates are required.

  • Can I apply as an undergraduate student?

    Yes, you can apply as an undergraduate student. It is a plus if you have related teaching experience.

Working Hours



  • Do you provide materials for lessons?

    You will find appointed materials on our Teaching platform for the languages below: 

    *If you are applying for other languages, you’ll need to prepare your own teaching materials.

  • Can I use supplementary materials for the lessons?

    Of course you can. As long as you use and complete the appointed materials first.

    If there are appointed materials for your target language (see the question above), you have to finish teaching appointed materials.


  • Do you provide training? What's the training about?

    Yes, we do. We provide the following training:

    1. System Training:
    A fifteen minutes self-learning video introducing booking system, class procedure, company policy and more.

    2. Teaching Platform Training:
    A series of self-learning videos / manuals and a simulated platform to help you to get ready to work from home independently.

  • How long does the training take?

    1. System Training: 15~20 minutes
    2. Teaching Platform Training: 1~2 hours

  • How does the training proceed?

    All training can be completed online at home.
    You do not need to schedule any appointment with us.

  • What's after the training?

    Once you complete and pass our System Training and Teaching Platform Training, your account will be activated and your time slots will be released to take on booking.

Student Group

  • What's your student group?

    Most of our students are Taiwanese, some of them are Chinese. Age from 7 ~70 years old. However, the age does not necessarily indicate their language level.

  • What are their learning needs?

    Different students have different needs. They might learn the language so they will have better job opportunities, or just for fun.